Awaken the Poker Player Within

Andy Black

“Now come on Andy, fuck off with this!”

Poker players aren’t going to go for an event for fifty minutes where you get them to play silly games, you get them to learn from others speaking about how they play their best and you turn them into a tribe !!!!

And loads of other surprise malarkey”.

“Sure most of them won’t even be awake and you want to awaken their inner poker player “.

They have to wander around aimlessly, wondering what to do before the Main .

“Sounds like a load of hippie bollox“.

And it’s all going to be live streamed so you will make a bleeding fool of yourself on camera.

Be there or be square, 11 am sharp Saturday in Killarney.

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Born in Belfast and resident in Dublin, Andy Black is probably Ireland's most famous poker player on the world scene.

Currently sitting 2nd on the Hendon Mob for Irish players with €4.9 million in live earnings, his largest scoring coming from a 5th place in the 2005 WSOP Main Event.

A regular supporter of all IPT live events for many years, Andy will be attending all future Irish Poker Tour festivals providing support and in-person training to players.

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