Irish Poker Tour Adds To ‘Team Pro’

The Irish Poker Tour is delighted to announce two more members of our newly launched ‘Team Pro’

Along with Robbie and Ray Bryant, today we can add the names of Giulliana Oliveira and Jonathen MCullagh to the list of young and rising stars of the Irish poker scene.

They will play in our regular Tour events and in all our major festivals. The Irish Poker Tour Team will be active in raising the profile of tournament poker in Ireland and promoting Irish Poker Tour events and our Team members will be available to help and encourage all players especially those that are just starting out in this thrilling game.

Giulliana Oliveira

When you first see Giulliana Oliveira at an Irish poker table your first reaction is to wonder how did she get here. This petite, vivacious woman with a fabulous sense of humour seems totally out of place amongst the normal morass of sweaty men. But Giullie feels totally at home in this scene.

She is a 33-year-old Brazilian living in Dublin who first discovered her passion for poker in 2013 and has since made it a significant part of her life. Currently, she works as a Strategic Social Expert within the poker industry, integrating her passion into her career.

Now Giullie is joining the Irish Poker Tour Team and will be spreading the good news about tournament poker in Ireland whilst taking your chips and making you feel alright about it. Giulle is cherished by all the Irish Poker Tour Team but most especially by her teammate Johny.

Johnathen McCullagh

Johny is 30 and from Dublin. He’s a dedicated poker player with a passion for the game whose idea of fun is discussing strategy. He came to the attention of the Irish Poker Tour with a number of strong runs in Tour events culminating in a superb second-place finish in the ‘€50 for €50k’ where he trousered €5,364.

Johny celebrated his elevation to the Irish Poker Tour Team with his best-ever cash when winning over $49,000 online last week.

Outside of poker, Johny loves Giullie, exercise, and the kitchen though not necessarily all at the same time.

To read more about Irish Poker Tour’s ‘Team Pro’ click here.

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