Irish Poker Tour Annual Rankings

In Association with Paddy Power Poker

At this year’s Irish Poker Championship in Galway the Irish Poker Tour and their good friends at Paddy Power Poker are launching an astounding year round players competition with money added. The Irish Poker Tour leaderboard will be a new development, open to all, that will hold an estimated €40,000 prizepool that tests players’ talent and consistency over an entire year.

The leaderboard will run from the IPC in The Galmont through to the Irish Poker Tour Final in The Green Isle in late December. All players that cash in Irish Poker Tour tournaments over the qualifying period will gain Ranking Points. There will be four different categories of tournaments with differing points scales awarded for each category. These scales are shown below.

The approximate prizepool of €40,000 will be made up of 1% taken from all events PLUS €10,000 added by Paddy Power Poker. The top three finishers on the Leaderboard will win substantial cash prizes amounting to 25% of the overall pool. The top sixteen finishers will qualify for the 2023 Irish Poker Tour leaderboard Playoffs where the remaining 75% of the money will be up for grabs. All Playoff qualifiers will be guaranteed a cash prize. The overall winner will be proclaimed the champion player of the year and, along with their substantial cash prize estimated at €10,000, they will receive a specially commissioned commemorative bracelet which will mark their achievement in perpetuity.

PositionCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4
10th - 18th200160140100
19th - 36th15012010575
37th +100807050
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