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Andy Black

Killarney Eve is upon us, pretty exciting indeedy.

I have not written for some time since before Easter in fact.I have been focusing on the Irish Open and then the World Series both of which were pretty successful and generated about €200,000 profit.

For me, the last day of the poker year is the day I get knocked out of the WSOP Main Event. For most humans, it is December 31st. This is a very sad day particularly when you play as badly as I did in the Main Event.

The period of a couple of months after the Series for me is a time to chill a bit poker-wise and do other things, family and friends time, plan and prepare for the year, and recharge.
Killarney feels like the first series of tournaments for the year and what a series it is. It is the second biggest festival of the year on the Irish calendar and for the ordinary Irish punter it is now the biggest residential (we are nearly all living at or right beside the venue) festival this the combination of poker plus partying makes it a true Irish extravaganza. I think because it is not in Dublin it is like a meeting of all the tribes and epitomizes what the Irish Poker Tour is all about where every county in Ireland is represented by those that love the game of poker.

For me a good overall result here is a big part of my own master plan to continue my rise up again in the Poker World to as yet unknown heights over the next few years. For everyone each new tournament we start from scratch, each game offers a new beginning, new hope which is for me one of the reasons why I love poker. There is no seeding we all start equal. However, I will be doing everything in my power to crush all of you every chance I get and if you crush me …. Congratulations I’ll get you next time.

In a recent tournament in my excellent local club House of Cards in Ferns Wexford a man playing against me told me a story of 4 betting me with 74 and getting me to fold my hand in a big tournament in 2006. Ten minutes later I bluffed him out of a hand and showed him 74. 17 years later revenge aha.

When the dust settles in Killarney it is less than a month to the €3000 buy-in event starting Halloween in the Intercontinental. Holy shit that is going to be a huge buzz in a classy new venue, jump into a satellite in Killarney or squirrel the money away this is a must-play by any means possible. Bragging rights will be off the charts let’s keep that title in Ireland and not allow one of the foreign invaders to take away the spoils.

It’s time, I’m ready and buzzing, are you?

Let’s do it.

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Born in Belfast and resident in Dublin, Andy Black is probably Ireland's most famous poker player on the world scene.

Currently sitting 2nd on the Hendon Mob for Irish players with €4.9 million in live earnings, his largest scoring coming from a 5th place in the 2005 WSOP Main Event.

A regular supporter of all IPT live events for many years, Andy will be attending all future Irish Poker Tour festivals providing support and in-person training to players.

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