Our Team

We pride ourselves on timely, organized, relaxed, and player-friendly tournaments. Through tried and tested approaches and a passionate team, we have the formula to make the Irish Poker Tour a truly memorable experience for you.


Donal MacAonghusa - Chief Tournament Director

Donal MacAonghusa is The Chief Tournament Director for The Irish Poker Tour & Championship. With his renowned good humour and light touch Donal is recognised as Ireland’s leading TD. He has worked in the poker industry as a player, dealer, casino manager, and tournament director for over 30 years which should probably make him think about things.


Susie Doherty – Tour Manager

Fun-loving Aussie with a thirst for adventure.

Responsible for the planning, production, and delivery of Irish Poker Tour events.

Susie made the switch from horse racing to poker in 2007 and has never looked back. She brings a range of knowledge to the team, having worked in many large festivals, covering various positions.


Fintan Gavin - Player Liaison

Fintan has over 20 years of playing experience at all levels & 25 years of producing successful live events. He is uniquely positioned to be the face of the Irish Poker Tour.

As Irish Poker Tour's player liaison he knows & understands exactly what it is that makes for a good experience for the players.

Available 24/7 to talk all things poker related, Fintan loves this great game!

Ramona - Tournament Director

Born in Latvia, moved to Ireland in 2005. Ramona has worked in the poker industry her whole career and is very independent but loves to work in a team. Ramona does her best to create an affective working environment while maintaining fun. Ramona is delighted to be the tournament director for the best poker tour Ireland!

Charlie - Partnership & Business Development

Born in Galway with a Spanish twist. Charlie loves action. With a mixture of a financial education and event management, Charlie likes to bring people together, make sure the vibe is right and that all the numbers add up! Charlie adds to the energy of what the Irish Poker Tour is.

Paulina - Staff Manager

Originally from Lithuania, living in Dublin since 2008. Paulina is a well organised, strong communicator. Passionate about her work and people. Friendly, always willing to help others. She is independent-minded but loves to work as part of a team. Paulina creates an efficient and effective work environment but makes sure that it's all good fun at the same time.

Callum - IT Consultant

Born in Manchester but grew up in the West!

Callum has a very strategic mindset with a fine eye for detail.