The Irish Poker Championship

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 - Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Galmont Hotel, Galway, Co. Galway

Festival Guarantee: €500,000

The Irish Poker Championship is back in early 2023 and it is in its rightful home; the luxurious Galmont Hotel overlooking Galway Bay, and at its rightful date; the first weekend in January.

There is no better time, no better place, and no better festival. Christmas and New Year have passed and now it’s time for you to have some poker fun.

There will, of course, be many other attractive side events and low-cost satellites to all the main tournaments. Cash games will run 24/7, and sponsored good times with Paddy Power Poker, plus the return of Paddy’s wonder Wheel!

Just don’t miss this.

Win packages and seats on Paddy Power Poker from as little as €1. Get details and accommodation from Fintan on 0830022889.

Wednesday 4th January
Wednesday8.00PMMega Satellite for I.P.C. in Eglinton Casino10 x Seats-€85+1520Mins1 x Re-entry200006 Levels-PDF
Thursday 5th January
Thursday2.00PMPaddy Power Mystery Bounty Day 1€50,000-€360+4030Mins1 x Re-entry400008 Levels€5,000PDF
Thursday4.00PMIrish Poker Championship Satellite3 x Seats-€65+1515Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Thursday6.00PMIrish Poker Championship Flight 1A€250,000-€495+5525MinsFREEZEOUT500008 Levels€10,000PDF
Thursday8.00PMBig Omaha Satellite3 x Seats-€230+2020Mins1 x Re-entry250006 Levels-
Thursday9.00pmNLH Irish Poker Tour Event€10,000Yes€130+2020Mins1 x Re-entry200006 Levels-
Friday 6th January
Friday11.30AMBig Omaha Satellite3 x Seats-€230+2015Mins1 x Re-entry200006 Levels-
Friday12.00PMPaddy Power Mystery Bounty Final€50,000Yes-40Mins----PDF
Friday1.00PMIrish Poker Championship Super Satellite5 x Seats-€65+1515Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Friday2.00PMIrish Poker Championship Flight 1B€250,000-€495+5530MinsFREEZEOUT500008 Levels-PDF
Friday3.00PMBig Omaha Game 7 Max€50,000-€1,500+15040Mins1 x Re-entry400008 Levels-PDF
Friday4.00PMIrish Poker Championship Super Satellite7 x Seats-€65+1515Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Friday6.00PMIrish Poker Championship Flight 1C€250,000-€495+5525MinsFREEZEOUT500008 Levels-PDF
Friday8.00PMH.R. €1000 Satellite Turbo5 x Seats-€130+2015Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Friday9.00PMCladdagh Cup Day 1A€25,000-€270+3025Mins1 x Re-entry300006 Levels-PDF
Saturday 7th January
Saturday11.30AMH.R. €1000 Satellite Turbo3 x Seats-€130+2015Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Saturday12.00PMIrish Poker Championship Flight 1D€250,000-€495+5530MinsFREEZEOUT500008 Levels-PDF
Saturday12.30PMPaddy Power Twitch Community Freeroll€5,000-'-20MinsFREEZEOUT15000-€5,000
Saturday1.00PMBig Omaha Game 7 Max Final€50,000Yes'-40Mins----PDF
Saturday1.00PMIrish Poker Championship Super Satellite5 x Seats-€65+1515Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Saturday2.00PMCladdagh Cup Day 1B€25,000-€270+3025Mins1 x Re-entry300006 Levels-PDF
Saturday3.00PMH.R. €1000 Satellite Hyper3 x Seats-€130+2012Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Saturday4.00PMIrish Poker Championship Flight 1E€250,000-€495+5530Mins1 x Re-entry500008 Levels-PDF
Saturday6.00PMHigh Roller One Dayer - 8Max€40,000Yes€900+10025Mins1 x Re-entry400007 Levels-PDF
Saturday7.30PMCladdagh Cup Day 2 Final€25,000Yes-25Mins----PDF
Saturday8.00PMDan Sheridan Cup - NLH'-Yes€130+2015MinsFREEZEOUT200008 Levels-
Saturday9.00PM€2k S.H.R Turbo Satellite2 x Seats-€230+2015Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels-
Sunday 8th January
Sunday11.30AM€2K Super High Roller Mega Satellite5 x Seats-€225+2515Mins1 x Re-entry250008 Levels-
Sunday12.00PMIrish Poker Championship Final Day€250,000Yes-40Mins----PDF
Sunday1.30PM€2k S.H.R Last Chance Hyper Satellite2 x Seats-€230+2010MinsFREEZEOUT100006 Levels-
Sunday2.00PMSeniors Event 50+€15,000Yes€370+3030Mins1 x Re-entry250007 Levels-PDF
Sunday3.00PM€2k Super High Roller One Dayer - 8Max€50,000Yes€1850+15030Mins1 x Re-entry400007 Levels-PDF
Sunday4.00PMMonster Stack€20,000Yes€175+2525Mins1 x Re-entry500006 Levels-
Sunday8.00PMOmaha 7 Max + Last Longer option x €100€5000Yes€180+2020Mins1 x Re-entry200006 Levels-
Note: 2.5% will be withheld from all prize pools for staff. This goes directly to dealers & floor staff. 1% withheld for €10k added leaderboard.
Structure sheets are intended as a guide for players only. Actual structures may differ slightly due to tournament demands and TD decisions.