The Irish Poker Classic

Friday, November 25, 2022 - Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Macau Casino Cork, Cork

The Irish Poker Classic held in the Macau Casino Cork has long been one of the pre-eminent high-stakes tournaments in Ireland. Missing off the schedule for a couple of years due to the pandemic this historic event is back with a bang this year, and, in a link-up that is set to benefit everyone, the Irish Poker Tour has come on board to add its unique lustre to the Classic Festival which will run from Friday 25th November through to Sunday 4th December.

For further information including hotel bookings call Fintan on 0830022889 or click here to call on WhatsApp or call Connie at 0872833343.


Friday 25th Nov18:00Irish Poker Tour 1A€20,000-€125+251 x Re-entry30 Mins250008 levelsPDF
Sat 26th Nov14:00Irish Poker Tour 1B€20,000-€125+251 x Re-entry30 Mins250008 levelsPDF
Sat 26th Nov19:00Irish Poker Tour 1C€20,000-€125+251 x Re-entry20 Mins250008 levelsPDF
Sun 27th Nov15:00Irish Poker Tour Final€20,000Yes--30 Mins--PDF
Sun 27th Nov19:00Irish Poker Classic Satellite3 x Seats-€85+151 x re-buy/1 x add-on @€5020 Mins10k/12k/15k6 levels
Wed 30th Nov19:00Irish Poker Classic Super Satellite7 x Seats-€85+151 x re-buy/1 x add-on@€5020 Mins10k/12k/15k6 levels
Thurs 1st Dec14:00Irish Poker Classic Super Satellite2 x Seats-€85+151 x re-buy/1 x add-on@€5016 Mins10k/12k/15k6 levels
Thurs 1st Dec18:00Irish Poker Classic 1A (11 levels)€100,000-€900+100Flight Freezeout40 Mins400007 levels
Thurs 1st Dec21:00One Day 100--€100+201 x Re-entry17 Mins150006 levels
Fri 2nd Dec14:00Irish Poker Classic Super Satellite2 x Seats-€85+151 x re-buy/1 x add-on@€5016 Mins10k/12k/15k6 levels
Fri 2nd Dec15:00Irish Poker Classic 1B€100,000-€900+100Flight Freezeout40 Mins400007 levels
Fri 2nd Dec20:00Irish Poker Classic 1C Fast€100,000-€900+1001 x Re-entry25 Mins400007 levels
Sat 3rd Dec11:30Mystery Bounty Satellite3 x Seats-€50+101 x re-buy/1 x add-on@€3015 Mins10k/13k6 levels
Sat 3rd Dec12:00Irish Poker Classic Day 2----40 Mins-
Sat 3rd Dec14:00Mystery Bounty 1A€25,000-€360+401 x Re-entry30 Mins300008 levels
Sat 3rd Dec19:00Mystery Bounty 1B€25,000-€360+401 x Re-entry25 Mins300008 levels
Sun 4th Dec11:30One Day Classic Satellite4 x Seats-€50+101 x Re-buy @5015 Mins10k/13k6 levels
Sun 4th Dec12:00Irish Poker Classic Day 3 Final-Yes--40 Mins--
Sun 4th Dec13:00Mystery Bounty Final-Yes--30 Mins--
Sun 4th Dec15:00One Day Classic-Yes€460+401 x Re-entry30 Mins300008 levels
Sun 4th Dec19:00Irish Poker Championship Satellite4 x Packages (plus 1 Package Added)-€85+151 x re-buy/1 x add-on@€5020 Mins10k/12k/15k7 levels


The Macau Casino Cork


The Macau Casino in Cork City provides numerous Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em Poker tournaments and cash games along with a full range of house games.


16 St Patrick's St
Eglinton Street
Co. Cork
T12 K27C


Phone: 0214530477
Web: Click Here
Parking: Nearby - Free
Accommodation: No