Lúnasa Lunacy Festival

Friday, August 23, 2024 - Sunday, August 25, 2024

The GreenIsle Hotel, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Festival Guarantee: €150,000 (Plus 10 x Killarney Packages)

In partnership with:


Friday 23rd August
Friday1:00 PMPaddy Power Mystery Bounty€15,000-€120+100+3025 Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Friday6:00 PMLunasa Lunacy 1A€100,000-€220+3025 Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Friday8:00 PMNLH 150€5,000Yes€125+2520 Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Saturday 24th August
Saturday11:00 AMLunasa Lunacy 1B€100,000-€220+3030 Mins1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Saturday1:00 PMOmaha Lunacy€7,000Yes€220+3025 Mins2 x Re-entry250007 Levels
Saturday4:00 PMLunasa Lunacy 1C€100,000-€220+3030 Mins1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Saturday7:00 PMIrish Poker Tour NLH €7,000Yes€125+2525 Mins1 x Re-entry250007 Levels
Saturday9:00 PMLunasa Lunacy 1D€100,000-€220+3020 Mins1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Sunday 25th August
Sunday11:00 AMLunasa Lunacy 1E Hyper--€220+301 Minute-30000-
Sunday12:00 PMDublin 400 Satellite3 x seats-€55+1515 Mins1 x Re-entry150006 Levels
Sunday12:30 PMLunasa Lunacy Final€100,000Yes-40 Mins---
Sunday1:30 PMAll-in Or Fold Dublin 400€400-€45+51 Minute-100-
Sunday2:00 PMNLH Lunasa 400€15,000Yes€360+4030 Mins2 x Re-entry300008 x Levels
Sunday4:00 PMMonsterstack€5,000Yes€170+3020 Mins1 x Re-entry500008 x Levels
Sunday6:00 PMKillarney Festival Satellite€4,500Yes€80+2020 Mins€50 rebuy/addon150007 x Levels
Sunday9:00 PMOmaha 7-Max--€125+2520 Mins2 x Re-entry200007 x Levels


  • 2.5% will be withheld from all prize pools for staff. This goes directly to dealers & floor staff.
  • 1% withheld for €10k added leaderboard.
  • Structure sheets are intended as a guide for players only. Actual structures may differ slightly due to tournament demands and TD decisions.

For further information including hotel bookings call Susie on 0872625430 or click here to call on WhatsApp