Premier Poker Championship

Friday, October 20, 2023 - Sunday, October 22, 2023

The Talbot Hotel, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Festival Guarantee: €100,000

We’re returning to The Talbot Hotel in Clonmel for a bigger and more exciting festival.

The Premier Poker Championship will be the biggest guarantee ever in Tipp.

Friday 20th October
Friday2pmPaddy Power Mystery Bounty Phase #1€15,000-€25025 Minutes1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Friday6pmPremier Poker Cup 1A€60,000-€20025 Minutes1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Friday9pmPaddy Power Mystery Bounty Final€15,000--30 Minutes---
Friday9pmNLH€5,000Yes€15020 Minutes2 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Saturday 21st October
Saturday12pmPremier Poker Cup 1B€60,000-€20030 Minutes1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Saturday1pmOmaha 7/Max--€25025 Minutes2 x Re-entry250007 Levels
Saturday4pmPremier Poker Cup 1C€60,000-€20030 Minutes1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Saturday7pmCotton Club Classic€5,000Yes€15020 Minutes2 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Saturday9pmPremier Poker Cup 1D€60,000-€20020 Minutes1 x Re-entry400009 Levels
Sunday 22nd October
Sunday12pmPremier Poker Cup 1E All-In Or Fold (Capped)--€200--40000-
Sunday1pmAll-in or Fold to Clonmel 300 7-max€300-€50----
Sunday1.30pmAll-in or Fold to Clonmel 300 7-max€300-€50----
Sunday1pmPremier Poker Cup Final€60,000Yes40 Minutes
Sunday2pmClonmel 300€10,000Yes€30030 Minutes1 x Re-entry300007 Levels
Sunday5pmMonsterstack€5,000Yes€15020 Minutes1 x Re-entry500007 Levels
Sunday8pmOmaha 4/5 Card 7-Max-Yes€15020 Minutes2 x Re-entry250007 Levels
Note: 2.5% will be withheld from all prize pools for staff. This goes directly to dealers & floor staff. 1% withheld for €10k added leaderboard.
Note: Structure sheets are intended as a guide for players only. Actual structures may differ slightly due to tournament demands and TD decisions.