Portugal Adventure

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - Monday, June 24, 2024

Casino Tróia, Setubal, Portugal

Festival Guarantee: €400,000+


Portugal Adventure Schedule

The Portugal Adventure is a poker festival of course but it is also a holiday at a beautiful seaside location. Therefore, we are starting our poker tournaments at 4pm at the earliest each day. This allows us all plenty of time during the day to enjoy the sun, the sea, the pool and all the other attractions. For those bringing their family on the Adventure this will hopefully make everybody happier.

Tuesday 18th June
Tuesday17:00Portugal Adventure Super Satellite7 x Seats-€10015Mins2 x Re-entry15K8 LevelsPDF
Tuesday19:00Portugal Adventure Opener --€15025Mins1 x Re-entry20K6 LevelsPDF
Wednesday 19th June
Wednesday16:00Portugal Adventure Super Satellite7 x Seats-€10015Mins2 x Re-entry15K8 LevelsPDF
Wednesday18:00Portugal Adventure €5k NLH€5,000Yes€15025Mins1 x Re-entry20K6 LevelsPDF
Wednesday19:00Omaha 4Card 7-Max--€25020Mins2 x Re-entry25k6 LevelsPDF
Wednesday21:00Portugal Adventure Satellite 3 x Seats-€10015Mins1 x Re-entry15K7 LevelsPDF
Thursday 20th June
Thursday16:00Irish Poker Tour Mystery Bounty Day 1€ 40,000-€40030Mins1 x Re-entry30K9 LevelsPDF
Thursday16:30Portugal Adventure Satellite3 x Seats-€10015Mins1 x Re-entry15K7 LevelsPDF
Thursday19:00Portugal Adventure Main Event 1A€ 250,000-€70025Mins1 x Re-entry50K9 LevelsPDF
Thursday20:00H.R. Omaha 7-Max Satellite2 x Seats-€20015Mins1 x Re-entry20K7 LevelsPDF
Thursday21:00Thursday NLH Freezeout--€15020MinsFREEZEOUT20K6 LevelsPDF
Friday 21st June
Friday16:00H.R. Omaha 7-Max Satellite2 x Seats-€20015Mins1 x Re-entry20K7 LevelsPDF
Friday16:00Irish Poker Tour Mystery Bounty Final€ 40,000Yes-30Mins---PDF
Friday16:00Portugal Adventure Main Event 1B€ 250,000-€70030Mins1 x Re-entry50K9 LevelsPDF
Friday17:00Portugal Adventure Satellite5 x Seats-€10015Mins1 x Re-entry15K7 LevelsPDF
Friday18:00High Roller Omaha 7-Max€ 30,000-€1,65030Mins2 x Re-entry40K7 LevelsPDF
Friday19:00Troia Poker Cup Day 1A€ 20,000-€30025Mins1 x Re-entry30K9 LevelsPDF
Friday19:30Portugal Adventure Main Event 1C€ 250,000-€70025Mins1 x Re-entry50K9 LevelsPDF
Friday21:00Friday NLH Freezeout--€15020MinsFREEZEOUT20K6 LevelsPDF
Saturday 22nd June
Saturday16:00Troia Poker Cup Day 1B€ 20,000-€30020Mins1 x Re-entry30K9 LevelsPDF
Saturday16:00Portugal Adventure Main Event 1D€ 250,000-€70030Mins1 x Re-entry50K9 LevelsPDF
Saturday16:00H.R. Omaha 7 Max Final€ 30,000Yes-30Mins---PDF
Saturday16:00Portugal Adventure Satellite5 x Seats-€10015Mins1 x Re-entry15K7 LevelsPDF
Saturday17:00Omaha 4Card 7-Max--€50025Mins2 x Re-entry30K7 LevelsPDF
Saturday19:00Portugal Adventure Main Event 1E€ 250,000-€70025Mins1 x Re-entry50K9 LevelsPDF
Saturday19:30Irish Poker Tour Cup€ 10,000Yes€25025Mins1 x Re-entry25K8 LevelsPDF
Saturday21:00High Roller Turbo Satellite2 x Seats-€20015Mins1 x Re-entry15K7 LevelsPDF
Saturday22:00Troia Poker Cup Day 2 Final€ 20,000Yes-25Mins---PDF
Saturday22:00Portugal Adventure Main Event 1F FAST€ 250,000-€70015Mins1 x Re-entry50K9 LevelsPDF
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday16:00High Roller Mega Satellite3 x Seats-€20015Mins1 x Re-entry25K7 LevelsPDF
Sunday16:00Portugal Adventure Main Event Final€ 250,000Yes-40Mins---PDF
Sunday17:00Monster Stack€ 15,000Yes€20025Mins1 x Re-entry50K7 LevelsPDF
Sunday18:00High Roller One Dayer€ 30,000Yes€1,65025Mins2 x Re-entry40K8 LevelsPDF
Sunday19:00Omaha 7 Max + Last Longer option x €100€ 5,000Yes€20020Mins2 x Re-entry20K7 LevelsPDF
Sunday21:00Portugal Adventure Closer NLH--€15015Mins1 x Re-entry15K6 LevelsPDF
Monday 24th June
Monday17:00Portugal After Party NLH--€10020Mins1 x Re-entry25K6 LevelsPDF
Monday20:00Tchau-Tchau Omaha--€15020Mins2 x Re-entry25K6 LevelsPDF


  • Main Event:
    - Registration Fee: 10.5%
    - Staff Fee: 2.75% will be withheld from all prize pools which will go towards staff and other costs.
    - 1% withheld for €10k added leaderboard.
  • All Other Events:
    - Registration Fee: 11%
    - Staff Fee: 3% will be withheld from all prize pools which will go towards staff and other costs.
    - 1% withheld for €10k added leaderboard.
  • Structure sheets are intended as a guide for players only. Actual structures may differ slightly due to tournament demands and TD decisions.

The Venue Casino Tróia

Casino Tróia is a state-of-the-art facility, the biggest and most poker festival friendly casino in the country. The Irish Poker Tour will bring the familiar poker excellence that players have come to expect from us.


Accommodation Editory By The Sea

Situated less than five minutes walk from the Casino Troia, The Editory by the Sea is the ideal base for the Portugal Poker Adventure. With its luxury apartments each featuring stunning balcony views, restaurant, bar and swimming pools this will be the perfect place to enjoy the times between poker.


Qualify Online

Satellites for full packages and tickets are running now on Paddy Power Poker.

There are 60+ VIP Packages to be won...


Qualify Live

Qualify through live satellites with our many card room partners across Ireland including:

  • Antrim Sports Club
  • The Eglinton Galway
  • The Macau Cork
  • Aspers Casino, London
  • And at all IPT events at The GreenIsle Hotel, Dublin

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