Killing it in Killarney – Andy Black

Andy Black

A festival brings with it its own challenges

Like the Olympics, The World Cup, The Tour de France or of course The WSOP.
These festivals require a different type of resilience and have many unique challenges that a single tournament does not have.

First of all, we are all either living together or in close proximity to each other and the games for days in a row.

With the end of city west for the Irish Open, Killarney is the biggest residential festival of the year remaining on the calendar.

If you have come mostly to party there is 24/7 buzz around the place even in the graveyard shift and the Craic is always available.

But how to keep your head if your mission is to perform your best and take home as much bacon as possible?

Make your decision before you come down with what your plans are going to be.

Do what is best for your best game and don’t con yourself !!!

Bill Smith the 1985 WSOP Main Event champion was famous for being way too tight with no alcohol, way too loose when he was too drunk, and the best player in the world when he had just enough.

The tournaments are of all different sizes and the fields are of different strengths.

If you don’t plan what you are going to play then you might find yourself like Kevin Spillane RIP who ended up in a lowball world championship in Vegas by mistake (he nearly won it ).

Often the best tournaments happen at the end of the event when people’s confidence is lower and they are tired and are down a few quid.

But are you the lion or the lamb?

If somehow you can tune into the wonderful energy of Ireland’s most fun and representative Poker festival and allow it to carry you to your best performances then it will be both fun and more likely profitable.

Here are my 3 top tips of things to avoid and things to do to crush your enemies.


  1. Worry about how many people are in a tournament (there is always 10 or less)
  2. Try and play different than your normal best game
  3. Tell or listen to bad beats


  1. Believe that your best is good enough
  2. Bounce back fast from setbacks
  3. Enjoy it all

Andy Black

Andy Black will be leading 2 unique events in Killarney:

Friday 11 am – Speed Coaching (Individual )
Saturday 11 am – Awaken the Poker Player Within (Group )
All welcome.

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Born in Belfast and resident in Dublin, Andy Black is probably Ireland's most famous poker player on the world scene.

Currently sitting 2nd on the Hendon Mob for Irish players with €4.9 million in live earnings, his largest scoring coming from a 5th place in the 2005 WSOP Main Event.

A regular supporter of all IPT live events for many years, Andy will be attending all future Irish Poker Tour festivals providing support and in-person training to players.

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